The ten cities of Europe with older people. Genoa the oldest

The aging process doesn't stop
The ten cities of Europe with older people. Genoa the oldest
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Genoa leads the ranking of the ten cities of Europe with older: 28% of the Genoese, in fact, has reached retirement age.

This is followed by Görlitz, Plauen and Zwickau, all three Germans and all three from the Saxony region and all three with a percentage of over 65 who are around 27%. Florence (24.6) and Bologna (24.2) stand in the unenviable top ten respectively in the fifth and eighth place. The ranking takes into consideration only the 279 largest cities, with a population of at least 250 thousand people, and not the small countries. Europe ages and with it its cities. Certainly the proportion of elderly population reached in this special ranking is certainly alarming. However, even cities are victims of a general and undisputed trend.

In Europe there are 96 million people over 65, accounting for 19% of the total population. In 2005 the figure stopped at 17% (82 million people). Italians are the oldest of all, with 21.7% of over 65, followed by Germans (21%) and Greeks (20.9%).

The over 60s living in Europe are around 127 million, or 25% of the population.

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