To lose. Without participating

The case of Aleksey Navalny, leader of the opposition, multilevel and not admitted to the presidential elections. He aimed to "participate" from outside by asking for a "political" abstention which would have been given the role of "representative". The polls did not prove him right
To lose. Without participating
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Participation in the vote was too high (63.7%) to be able to say that the Russians followed him. And those who did not turn up at the polls can not be mechanically ascribed to his leadership. Aleksey Navalny lost without even participating in the Kremlin race.

In 2012 the participation had stopped at 60%. Yesterday rose almost 4 percentage points. Navalny moves a mechanism that can not find the big press distracted or indifferent: it points to corruption, the key used to overthrow a dozen governments around the world. Corruption exists in Russia, streaks among the affairs of the state companies, extends the assets put together by the oligarchs: it is called ruka ruku moet, it means “one hand washes the other. Navalny understood it first and made it a political program. But among all the losers of today, those who lost more is just Navalny who could not participate in the presidential race.

Grudinin, the first of the defeated, managed to overcome the bar of the “two figures”. and the ledership of the opposition is now his.

Yesterday evening, after the outcome of the vote, Navalny live on YouTube received the surprise visit of Ksenia Sobchak, the Russian ‘Paris Hilton’ self-appointed opposition candidate “Aleksey – he urged him – we cooperate after the elections”.

Navalny responded angrily. “If you think I can believe your lies about joining the opposition, the answer is no: you are part of the operation that has excluded me from the elections, you are dishonest and hypocritical”.

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