Tourism in Europe: Spain is fine. Then Germany. Italy immediately after. France down

Jun 22, 2018 9:39 am

Growth of 46% in the Iberian Peninsula from 2010 to today. 34.8% in Germany. 33.8% in Italy

The numbers that we report are taken from the last annual report of the Bank of Italy on the Italian economy and refer to the revenue trend thanks to the international tourism of the most important European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Spain. These are not the absolute but relative numbers: the value was set at 100 for 2010 for each country considered and the growth compared to that level was calculated. In Italy, for example, at the end of 2017, it reached 133.8, ie there has been an increase of 33.8% since 2010. For the record last year the billions entered thanks to foreign tourists were 39 and 155 million, the majority, 22 billion and 797 million, coming from EU tourists. In 2010 there was talk of 29 billion and 257 million total. In Germany it has reached 134.8, thus with a + 34.8% compared to 2010. In Spain it is even 146. In France, however, the increase in revenue from international tourism was more modest, there was stopped at 124.8, thus marking only + 24.8% compared to 8 years ago (due to the terrorism that blocked the flow: revenue fell to 114.5 in 2016, 10.9 points less compared to 2014.

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