Turkestan region signs memorandums to modernise healthcare research centres

Three agreements to start up the health of the Region to modernity
Turkestan region signs memorandums to modernise healthcare research centres
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Turkestan regional authorities signed memorandums of cooperation (MOC) with local and foreign companies and institutions to improve and modernise its healthcare  system, build a pharmaceutical plant and develop its research centres. The documents include a MOC signed Feb. 16 by regional Akim (Governor) Zhanseit Tuimebayev and Kazakhstan’s Trade Unions Federation.

The akim signed another memorandum with Niak, an Iranian pharmaceutical company, to build a plant that will comply with the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Turkestan’s Regional Healthcare Department head Mukan Yegizbayev also signed a memorandum with leading Uzbek medical institutions specialising in endocrinology and paediatrics to modernise medical institutions and telemedicine.

Uzbek National Specialised Scientific and Practical Medical Centre for Endocrinology in Tashkent prioritises its research in iodine deficiency disorders, a modern approach to diagnosing and treating diabetes mellitus, and measures for treating thyroid pathology, including various types of differentiated thyroid cancer. It seeks to create a register of pituitary adenomas and adrenal gland diseases and introduce high-tech methods of surgical treatment of various pituitary adenomas in compliance with the international standards to treat neuroendocrine patients.

Uzbek National Medical Paediatrics Centre conducts research, organisational and methodological work to improve the quality of medical care for children by coordinating and monitoring the activities of 13 regional children’s multidisciplinary medical centres.

Turkestan region was established by a presidential decree in June 2018 as the former centre of the former South Kazakhstan region, Shymkent, was declared the city of national significance on a par with Astana and Almaty, and the regional capital was moved to the city of Turkestan famous for its 14th-century Khoja Ahmed Yassawi mausoleum commissioned by Timurlane.

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