Vegetables grown with water

Aquaculture-agriculture system. "Acquaponica" is born
Vegetables grown with water
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An integrated system that combines aquaculture and agriculture, without chemical fertilizers, without pesticides and without insecticides. It’s the result of the Italy-Slovenia cross-border project. The experimentation involves the construction of small “aquaponics” plants, a combined system between aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation. Based on principles of circular economy and on industrial symbiosis methods, it allows a reduction of the environmental impacts of agro-food productions.

This technique involves the cultivation of vegetables without the use of land and with a water consumption reduced by up to 90% compared to traditional farming practices, recycling organic wastewater from fish farms. The aquaponics has many advantages compared to traditional methods of cultivation, among which water saving, limited space, no use of pesticides and pesticides, no use of fertilizers, reduced CO2 emissions.

This was achieved by the cooperative Shoreline, located in the Area Science Park in Trieste: the company has always been committed to the enhancement of fish resources, for example with innovative projects to control traceability through DNA barcoding, and for use with industrial purposes, in particular in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, waste deriving from the work of processing the fish product.
For the implementation of the project, a consortium was formed, together with Shoreline, from the Universities of Ca ‘Foscari, Venice and Ljubljana, from the UTI del Noncello and from the cooperative KZ-Agraria.

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