Web attack against Mattarella

Corriere della Sera reveals this. Suspicions on Moscow
Web attack against Mattarella
03 August 11:13 2018 Print This Article

In the night between 27 and 28 May, hours of the “no” of the Colle in Savona Minister of Economy, web attack against president Sergio Mattarella that sees Russia among the protagonists. Corriere della Sera writes this with an article by Marzio Breda, thus relaunching the suspicion of a connection between the Russian trolls and the about 400 anonymous profiles who have asked the impeachment of the President of the Republic on social media.  “At two o’clock in the morning, suddenly,” Corriere writes, “there is an absolutely anomalous activity on Twitter: in just a few minutes there are about 400 new profiles, all of which can be traced back to a single source. attack multiplied with the same goal: Sergio Mattarella”. Thanks to the work of the postal police, it is established that the source of everything is one, but monitoring on the network, however close and careful, does not allow us to find the link between the galaxy of social networks and a precise directorial booth Among the innovations that are leaked from the investigation there are repeated interventions in recent years also on Italian politics.

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