Wine & Food, common market

In 4 countries 18mld of food and wine Made in Italy (45% of the total)
Wine & Food, common market
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The high speed of Italian-made agri-food exports travels on the “food & wine” track. The Istituto Marche highlitghts this for the protection of wines on the elaborations of Nomisma Wine Monitor. T 2007 and 2018 exports of the two product categories recorded almost parallel trends, with sales values increasing by 68% (agri-food) and 69% (wine) respectively in the decade, and it is precisely where there is Italian food that also tricolor wine finds more fertile market.

The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and France, which absorb a total of 56% of wine exports, are also the 4 main agro-food destinations, with almost half of the export share (45%, for a total of 18 billion euro) and about 30% of Italian restaurants outside the borders. The United States is the first market for wine (23% of the export share of stars and stripes, 1.6 billion euros) and for Italian catering abroad (17% of restaurants), and the second for agri-food (11%).

But even if we ask in four different places like United Kingdom, China and Russia which is the most representative sector of Made in Italy, the answer is always the same: for 40% food and wine are able to communicate our culture better than fashion, automotive and furnishing.

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