EU budget: expenses increased by 10 billion. For the immigrants only 594 million

The 2018 European budget foresees an increase in spending of 1.4%: more than 10 billion compared to 2017
EU budget: expenses increased by 10 billion. For the immigrants only 594 million
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In 2018, 145 billion and 425 million will be spent, compared with 134 billion and 490 million in 2017. But in addition to the total amount, the values of individual items of expenditure change:  in the chapter “Smart and inclusive growth”, which represents 46% of the budget, there will be almost all the expected increase, 10 billion and 324 million + 18.3%. Because of it’s vastness, this item is divided into two macro-chapters, “Competitiveness for growth and employment” and “Economic, social and territorial cohesion” and it is especially the latter that sees the main increase, +25, 7% thanks to 9 billion and 563 million more.

The list of projects contained in these entries would be very broad. Suffice it to say that most of these 9 and a half billion more are caused by the increase of 8 billion and 989 million of the objective “Investments in favor of growth and employment”, + 26%. These are loans for regions whose per capita GDP is less than 75% of the average European GDP. These will reach 23 billion and 388 million, 4 billion and 73 million more than today. For the programs that form part of the “Investment for growth and employment” objective, growth varies between 20 and 30% including the objective called “Regions in transition”, those with GDP per capita between 75% and 90% of the average GDP, and for the more developed ones, or above 90% of GDP per capita, for which we talk more than recovery of development of competitiveness

. There are also 2 billion and 475 million more for the Cohesion Fund, ie the resources destined not to the regions but to the countries with a gross national income per capita lower than 90% of the European average. The other increase of more than one billion in the European budget 2018 is that concerning the item “Sustainable growth: natural resources”, for which there is an increase of 1 billion 446 million euro, + 2.6% In particular are the objectives of the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund (Feaga) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (Feasr) The cuts mainly concern the chapter “Security and Citizenship”, which is already among the smallest chapters being only 2% of the 2018 European budget. There is a decrease of 823 million, -21.7%. It is due in particular to the halving of the sub-chapter “Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund” for which 594 million will be spent, well 588 less than in 2017. The official justification is that 2018 will be a year of transition. The reform of the Dublin Treaty will be approved this year, and only from 2019 will the funds needed to cope with changes, such as the relocation of migrants, be allocated. Down by 5.6%, -532 million, also the financing for foreign policies, the chapter “Global Europe”.

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