The future of the car is rent

The proposals of Porsche, Volvo and Cadillac
The future of the car is rent
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Car manufacturers are experimenting with monthly subscription forms. Porsche, Cadillac and Volvo allow drivers to drive their vehicles for short periods of time. The cost of these subscriptions is still high: start at $ 600 a month. But they will soon come down a lot In 2017, for the first time in eight years, the number of new vehicles sold decreased in the United States. Some automakers have therefore moved in the direction of offering customers short-term lease solutions. Cadillac has started the Book project: for 1,800 dollars a month, eighteen cars can be changed over the course of a year, chosen from five different models. The only limitation: two thousand kilometers per month (maximum) and no more than thirty consecutive days of rent. The service is active in New York and will soon arrive in Los Angeles and Dallas. The car is delivered to the address indicated. For two thousand euros a month you can drive the Panamera and the 911 Porsche without mileage limits. For the moment the rent is limited to the area of Atlanta. The most economical solution is that offered by Volvo. The Swedish company has activated a similar service in Italy: it is called “Care by Volvo” and with 699 euros a month you can book the Xc40. The latest model, the V60 (presented March 8 at the Geneva Motor Show) is part of the subscription program. Volvo, unlike Porsche, has set a maximum limit to the kilometers that can be traveled: no more than 15,000 per year.

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