The mafia does not sit at the table. But on the sofa: in front of the TV

Italy's appeal against the chain of Spanish restaurants was accepted. But the first to abuse the mafia were the Italians themselves. With the TV
The mafia does not sit at the table. But on the sofa: in front of the TV
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The European Court of Justice on Thursday rejected an appeal by a Spanish catering chain to use the logo ‘The Mafia sits down to eat’, upholding Italy’s plea that it was clear publicity for the criminal organisation.

The ECJ said the logo “transmits a broadly positive image of the Mafia” and “trivialises the grave attacks unleashed against the fundamental values of the Union”.

Mafia-themed products around the world earn untold sums of money. The ‘Mafia’ brand is “used widely in international food services to attract business:  Spain’s ‘La Mafia’ restaurant chain;  Mafiozzo coffee from Bulgaria, Chilli Mafia snacks from Britain, The Godfather wine from Napa Valley in California, and spicy red Wicked Cosa Nostra sauce, to mention only the best known.

The idea of doing business through the organization “Mafia” was not only used abroad (against Italy?) But was exported abroad by the same Rai (Italian public TV) that the organization has achieved the cycle of fiction with major annual editions, selling the series all over the world. The series was “La Piovra” and aired in 10 series between 1984 and 2001, in Italy but has been bought by TV stations around the world.

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