Medvedev signs the Federal Program for Tourism Development

It will remain in effect in Russia until 2025
Medvedev signs the Federal Program for Tourism Development
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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the targeted Federal Program (FTP) for the development of tourism in Russia until 2025. The funding provided for the program is 387.6 billion rubles. There are three scenarios for FTP execution. The inertial variant assumes a total cost of 97.9 billion rubles. (the federal budget – 24.5 billion rubles.), the optimal – 387.64 billion rubles. (federal budget – 69.27 billion rubles.), and ambitious – 676.9 billion rubles. (the federal budget is 221.8 billion rubles). In the description of the concept it is indicated that for each budget ruble it is expected to attract at least 2.2 rubles. extrabudgetary investments. The government expects the tourist services market to grow to 274.3 billion rubles by 2025, and the volume of hotel services will reach 373.2 billion rubles. “Given the level of funding, the contribution of tourism to the gross domestic product can be increased to 4.14%,” says the document. In the optimal version, the domestic tourism market volume will grow to 330.7 billion rubles, and hotel services – up to 455.2 billion rubles. The volume of funds borrowed under this option can amount to 57.6 billion rubles. The ambitious variant presupposes a growth of the tourist market of 342 billion and that of the hotel – up to 467 billion rubles.

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