Russia will stimulate use of wood in construction industry

The government decides to introduce quotas for use of wood in state housing programme construction
Russia will stimulate use of wood in construction industry
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According to the long-term socio-economic development plan until 2030, prepared by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the forest sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP is estimated at only 0.7% and is well below its real potential.  Russia has 20% of the world’s forest area, however, it doesn’t use this potential for building wooden houses compared, for instance, with the European countries. Russia uses wood in housing construction by 25 times less than in the Nordic countries, and the volume of wood housing continue to decline. In 2015, the segment of prefabricated wooden houses decreased by 3.2%.

There are several reasons for weakening of Russian domestic wooden manufacture, however, the first is grounded in a lack of investments in modernization of existing assets, the Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin says.

In April this year, wooden housing construction has been listed for the state order. As a result of the inter-ministerial meeting of the government held April 5, 2015, the ministers has developed and adopted an action plan to support the country’s forest industry. In particular, over the next three years it is proposed to gradually introduce quotas for the use of wood in building construction of state projects. For these purposes, there have been selected several regions, in particular the Ural, Siberian and North Caucasian Federal Districts. In 2016, in the framework of public procurement programmes it is planed to introduce a 20 per cent quota for the construction of wooden houses, in 2017 – 25 percent, in 2018 – 30 per cent.

Moreover, the Ministry of Industry, together with the Ministry of Construction are working on a programme for providing state subsidies to cover part of the costs for purchase of equipment and computer-aided engineering software for wood construction. Finally, the government is planing to put in order all the legal and technical basis for wooden construction until 2018.

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